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Getting to know your Videowise Analytics
Getting to know your Videowise Analytics

How to efficiently track the performance of your components.

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Understanding how customers interact with your components is key in order to get the most out of Videowise.

Our Analytics page features key conversion & engagement metrics, so you can analyze how your components are performing, for any date range.

Where to find my analytics page?

To view your Videowise analytics, simply click on the Analytics tab.

Analytics tab section location

Now that we're here, let's see what each block of metrics means!

Video sales

Video sales analytics

  • ROI: Your return on investment is calculated by the total (influenced + direct) sales for the selected period divided by the cost of your subscription.

  • On-site video sales: The total revenue obtained through influenced and direct orders.

Video conversion

Video conversion

  • Conversion rate: The number of orders divided by the number of visitors engaged.

  • Purchased: Number of people who made a purchase divided by the number of engaged visitors.

On-site engagement

On-site Engagement analytics

  • Visitors engaged: Users who interacted with a widget in the selected period.

  • Total page visitors:Number of all website visitors on the selected date range.

  • Engagement rate: Number of visitors engaged divided by total page visitors.

Video orders

Total video orders Analytics

  • Total video orders: The number of all video orders for the selected range.

  • On-site video orders: Direct and influenced on-site orders placed by video shoppers.

  • Off-site video orders: Direct orders from your off-site campaigns.

Videos watched

Videos watched analytics

  • Videos watched: Videos that were played across your components for the selected period.

  • Videos watched/day: Avg number of videos played per day.

  • Videos skipped/Swipes: Videos that weren't watched until the end, or swiped before they started playing.

  • Videos watched in full: Videos that were watched until the end.

  • Video completion: Number of videos watched in full divided by the number of videos watched.

Standalone metrics

  • Shoppers by device: Percentage of Mobile vs Desktop shoppers.

  • Avg. video order value: Measures the average value of an order.

  • Watch time/shopper: Average watch time from each shopper on the website.

  • On-site added time: Total video watch time.

  • Top pages: Pages that generated the most video revenue.

  • Top video widgets: Components that generated the most revenue across all pages.

  • Top videos: Videos that generated the most revenue across all components.


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