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How to install the collect UGC section
How to install the collect UGC section

The Collect UGC section can be used anywhere on your site, it's fully adaptive & responsive.

Written by Videowise Support
Updated over a week ago

This step-by-step tutorial will show you how to install the Collect UGC section effortlessly, regardless of where you intend to place it on your site.

One of the key advantages of this section is its adaptability and responsiveness, ensuring a seamless user experience across all devices.

Step 1: Navigate to your Shopify Admin → Online store → Customize

Step 2: Navigate to App embeds → Make sure "Videowise Shoppable Video +UGC" toggle is activated.

Step 3: Go back to Sections → Add Section → Apps → Look for Videowise Shoppable Video +UGC app

Step 4: Click on Videowise videos section and then proceed to the designated area.

Step 5: Head to the Videowise app → Go to Install UGC section from Collect UGC Setup → Copy Code

Step 6: Paste the code that you've copied from the Install UGC section into the designated input field. A preview of your dynamic builder will show up right away.

You can position the form anywhere on the page simply by dragging and dropping it.

Click Save and visit your page to check the collect UGC form in action.

Once submitted, your collected UGC can be found in "My UGC - Collect UGC," allowing you to seamlessly send it to your Videowise library and begin creating interactive shoppable videos.

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