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How To Use Find Video UGC

Learn how to use A.I. to find positive videos on YouTube, make them shoppable, and monetize them on your site.

What is Find Video UGC: 👇

By running the Find Video UGC feature, you can search, find, and turn any YouTube video shoppable and monetize it directly on your site. Videowise is one of the biggest YouTube Compliant Partners and uses A.I. to scrape Youtube for positive videos that are relevant to your brand and products. 

Available on the Pro and Enterprise Plans, Find Video UGC helps you find the most positive videos associated with your brand and product. Plus, you will not experience any ads in videos.

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  • Only positive videos - positive videos & creators on YouTube reviewing your products or your brand.
  • Product-video matching - video results are automatically sorted and matched with your product pages.
  • Automated interactions - suggested videos are automatically made shoppable with the products mentioned

Here are the steps you need to follow: 👇

1. Navigate to the Library section, select YouTube, and choose the Find Video UGC option.

Library -> YouTube section
2. A new window will show up on your screen to indicate what type of store you are running. Whether you are a brand or a retailer, we need to know this to be able to prioritize the most relevant search keywords. 
  • For brands, we search by the product name + brand name.
  • For retailers, we only search by the product's name. 

3. Once you choose your category, the app will run it's search and display the most relevant UGC videos, based on YouTube's algorithms for you to pick.

4. From the suggested list of video, you can select the ones you want to use, make them shoppable and use them on-site. 

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Don't forget to remember: The video selection is created automatically, and the list is ordered by the rakings provided for us by YouTube. We advise you to preview the videos manually before approving them on your website. 



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