How Does The YouTube Video Finder Work?

The Video UGC (User Generated Content) Tool helps you discover everything the community has to say about your product or brand.

To get started, you should visit the Library tab, select YouTube, then choose the Find Video UGC option at the top corner.

The application is going to ask whether you are a brand or a retailer. It is important for us to know what kind of content should we show and prioritize for you.

For Brands, we search by the product name and the name of the brand as well. While, if your shop sells many products from different origins, it might not be important - thus we only search by the name of the product.

Once you chose the correct category, the app will run the search for you and you will see our video recommendations. You will then be able to select them as any other content in the app without the need of searching for their URL.

Good to know: The video selection is created automatically and the list is ordered by the rakings provided for us by YouTube. We always advise you to manually preview the videos before approving them on their site.

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