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How To Add Videos From TikTok

Add TikTok videos, make them shoppable, and use them to sell more.

By connecting to TikTok you can import your videos, make them shoppable and choose which ones you want to use on your Shopify store, or sell with off-site, in marketing campaigns.

So, how does it work?

1. Navigate to your Library, and click on the TikTok tab.

Screenshot 2022-09-30 at 14.50.29

2. Click on Connect to TikTok. You will be asked to enter your TikTok username. 

Screenshot 2022-09-30 at 14.51.56

3. Now your videos will automatically be available in your Library. You can proceed with making them shoppable. Click on each video and select the product interaction that you want to showcase. 👇 

HubSpot Video

You're all set up and ready to start using the videos in your TikTok video widgets. 🎉