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Join our top Shopify agencies that co-create services, solutions, and customer outcomes to outmatch together what we could achieve on our own.

Why partner with Videowise 👇

To expand your services with shoppable video, grow your agency, and generate better results for your clients by building a suite of services around shoppable video.

  • Increase revenue

    Drive more sales for clients using their existing video content and turning it shoppable.

  • Optimize conversion

    Uplift conversions on-site by embedding shoppable videos and performing video CRO.

  • Add retainer services

    Add monthly retainer hours for implementation and video CRO strategy consulting.

  • Video marketing
    Use shoppable videos in email, SMS, QR code campaigns, or on third-party websites.

What are the benefits 👇

  • 1:1 private Slack channels for direct communication with our team.
  • Exclusive discounts and priority support for your clients.
  • Brand exposure through events, webinars, sponsorships, and paid marketing campaigns.
  • Priority access to our extensive CRO, data research, industry benchmarks and leadership team.

What type of agencies best fit the program 👇

  • Design & development
    Empower your team to embed & customize shoppable videos on Shopify seamlessly.
  • CRO agencies
    Perform video CRO experiments and A/B tests directly in Videowise and offer constant strategy consulting.
  • Influencer agencies
    Increase the ROI of the video content you produce for your clients and offer more insights into video performance.
  • Marketing & Growth

    Drive more growth with shoppable video across all marketing channels: email, SMS, QR codes, or PR campaigns.




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