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Video Upload Requirements

As you probably already know by now, we're big fans of high-converting videos that resonate with your viewers. To arrive to that point, you have to start with - take a guess - the uploading process!

Upon uploading a video from your device, it should meet the following requirements: 

Maximum file size: 100 Mb.
Supported video format: .mp4

Remember - if your video is bigger than the limit or plays in a different format, you will not be able to upload it on our app. By that means, we advise you to use a video converter to either compress it or change it to a .mp4 file. Sounds simple, right?

If you're wondering how you can convert your video, don't fret! There are many great online tools that can help you convert your video files to multiple formats. If you're stuck in second gear, we'll be there for you to offer support. Just give us a holler



Do you need more help uploading your videos? Check out our other article here. 

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