What’s The Difference Between Influenced Revenue And Direct Revenue?

The two kinds of revenue generated by your video content.

On the Conversion tab of the Reports section, you can find valuable and direct information about how much revenue your videos generate for your store. To make data-based decisions easier for you, we have differentiated Direct and Influenced orders.

Direct Revenue:

The total value of direct orders. When a user engages with a Shoppable Video, adds the item to the cart from that window then proceeds to checkout within the same browser session, counts as a direct order. The sum of these orders adds up to be the direct revenue of the selected period.

Influenced Revenue:

The total value of products purchased immediately after your visitors engaged with your videos. When a customer watches a video for more than five seconds, then proceeds to checkout within the same browser session, that counts as an influenced order. Below the revenue, you can track exactly how many orders and products make up this amount.

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