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Step 2: Create Your First On-site Video Widget
Step 2: Create Your First On-site Video Widget

This article covers the necessary steps to create your first interactive video experience and start selling with shoppable videos.

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Step 1. To start creating your first video widget, navigate to the Widgets section → Create new widget → Select the widget that you want to use.

Step 2. Name your widget and start using it.

Create a global video playlist

Step 3. Add videos to your playlist → Add Videos

You can create a global playlist with the same videos that can be used across your entire website.

Add different videos/page

Click use different videos/page → Confirm → Add videos

Step 4. Choose videos from various categories such as uploads, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube videos as well as Collect and Find UGC → Confirm

Step 5. Click on the video to add video details and tag products.

Learn how to enhance your videos by adding important details.

Step 6. Click on Tag products to tag your videos with products and make them shoppable.

Learn how to make your videos shoppable.

Step 6. Display rules

Learn how to set up different rules to determine where to show or hide your widget on your website.

If you create a global playlist with the same videos across the website, you have to set up a rule for it. If you use different videos per page, simply install the widget on that specific page, no rules.

Step 7. Widget design

Step 8. Video player design

Step 9. Install the video widget on your Shopify store

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