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Step 3: Create your first off site video campaign
Step 3: Create your first off site video campaign

Monetize your video content across all marketing channels

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With the Off site campaigns, you can sell with interactive shoppable videos anywhere outside your Shopify store:

  • Links - Share shoppable videos as links anywhere online.

  • SMS - Use shoppable videos in your SMS or Whatsapp messages.

  • Email - Add shoppable videos to your email marketing campaigns.

  • Embed - Monetize shoppable videos on any websites outside your Shopify store.

  • QR code - Upsell with shoppable video playlists with QR codes on packaging.

How to create your first off-site campaign: πŸ‘‡

​Step 1. Navigate to the Offsite section β†’ click on New Campaign

Off site campaign section


2. Name your new campaign β†’ click the Add Campaign button.

Naming your campaign

3. In the Playlist tab, create a playlist of shoppable videos that you can share anywhere.


add shoppable videos

4. Select your videos from 3 distinct categories in your library β†’ click 'Add videos'.

select videos

YouTube videos can't be used in off site video campaigns.

5. By navigating to the Thumbnail tab, a GIF will automatically be generated. Following this, you can proceed to further customize the thumbnail section according to your preferences.

6. In the Player tab, you can customize the look and feel of your campaign and its behavior.

7. In the Performance tab, you can see how your campaign is performing. Videowise uses pixel tracking in order to track your campaign performance. Follow the instructions below to install the pixel tracking on your Shopify checkout page:

Instructions on installing tracking pixel

Follow a more in-depth guide on installing the tracking pixel.

8. In the Settings tab, input campaign details like name, URL, brief description, and add tracking info for Google Analytics, Facebook, and TikTok pixel.


offsite campaign details

9. Ready to publish?

πŸ’‘ Here's a useful tip: use QR codes with embedded shoppable videos for effective upselling, boosting sales and maximizing your marketing ROI.

Next Steps:

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