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How to invite other team members to your account
How to invite other team members to your account

Bring teammates to your organisation by sending them an invite email from your Videowise account.

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  1. Navigate to Team menu and have a glance at your entire team: role, status, 2FA, Last Login.

  2. Navigate to the Invite people tab to start inviting people into your Organisation.

  3. Enter email addresses → Select roles → Click Invite People.

🔔You can also click on each team member to see his details or delete him from the organisation.

Note: Assigning roles can help your team stay organized and also help you to keep your business account secure. You can add a maximum of 20 members in your team.

Every team member has a role, and each one has different permissions:

  • Admin

    Team admins can add and remove members, add stores, edit organisation details. There can be multiple admins in a team.

  • Editor
    Team editors don't have access to the organisation settings. You can add different editors in your team.

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