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How to install the tracking pixel on your Shopify checkout page
How to install the tracking pixel on your Shopify checkout page

You can enjoy the benefits of precise tracking and analytics with the Tracking Pixel installed on your Shopify checkout page.

Written by Videowise Support
Updated over a week ago

In order to track the engagement and conversion performance of your video content, you will need to install a tracking pixel on your Shopify checkout page.

Follow the steps below:

Standard tracking pixel

  1. Navigate to ⚙️SettingsTracking PixelCopy Code

2. In your Shopify admin → go to SettingsCheckout

3. Scroll down to “Order status page” and paste the script in the text area (without overwriting existing scripts)

Note: DO NOT modify the code in any way when pasting it in the text area!

4. Click on “Save” to save your changes and you're all done.

Custom tracking pixel

In certain instances where the installation of the standard tracking pixel faced challenges, particularly when order status page scripts were disabled, we recognized the need for a more flexible approach.

  1. For such cases, we've developed the Custom Tracking Pixel, seamlessly integrated into Shopify under Settings Customer events.

2. Click on Add Custom PixelAdd Pixel name

3. Paste the following Tracking Pixel code into your custom pixel container:👇

function VW(orderId, orderTotal, orderCurrency, orderItems, shop) {
const getCookie = () => {
const value = document.cookie;
const parts = value.split(`; reeview_uid=`);
if (parts.length === 2) return parts.pop().split(";").shift();
const getDeviceType = () => {
const size = 1024;
const isDesktop = window.screen.width > size;
return isDesktop ? "DESKTOP" : "MOBILE";
}; if (getCookie() &&shop && orderId && orderTotal) {
const trackingUrl = `${getCookie()}&deviceType=${getDeviceType()}&orderId=${orderId}&shop=${shop}&checkout_type=SHOPIFY&order_total=${orderTotal}&currency=${orderCurrency}&order_items=${orderItems}`;
fetch(trackingUrl).then(res=>{console.log("Videowise pixel executed correctly");})
analytics.subscribe("checkout_completed", (event) => {
const checkout =;

This tailored solution leverages customer events from Shopify, ensuring comprehensive tracking even in situations where the conventional order status page support is unavailable.

You're all set!🎉

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