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How to add tags to your videos
How to add tags to your videos

With video tags, you can easily label, manage, and organize your videos more efficiently in your Library.

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Our tag system is based on 2 descriptive tools:

  • Tag category = sorts your videos into broad collections.

  • Tags = organize your videos based on descriptive and accurate keywords.

Add videos to your Library in order to start adding tags

If you've already uploaded your videos to your Library, start creating your tags → ⚙️Configure tags.

Create Tag Category

  1. Click settings icon ⚙️ → Select Video Tags Create Tag Category.

Note: To start adding tags, first you have to create a new tag category.

2. Change a tag color: Click the color next to the tag 🟦, then choose an associated color for your tag.

3. Change a category name: Add a specific keyword to your new tag category that best describes the topic of the video. Ex: rings.

4. Save category once you finished.

5. Your new tag category will be listed in your Video tags collection. Now you can start adding tags for each tag category.

Edit Tag Category

1. Click on ✎Edit to edit your tag category anytime.

Delete Tag Category

1. Click on 🗑️ Delete to remove your tag category → Type your tag category in the box, e.g "rings" → select Delete Category.

How To Add Tags

1. Click ⁺Add Tag Name your tag, e.g "golden rings" Save.

2. You can add multiple tags to your tag category.

Note: The more tags you provide and the more specific you are, the more easily it is for you to sort out through the videos in a short amount of time.

Delete Tag

3. Click (...) on each tag to permanently delete a tag.

Organize your videos with tags

On the left sidebar, you can notice your tag category, e.g., Rings, and the associated tags,e.g., golden rings. Now you can start tagging your videos.

1. Click on the ◻ icon to select a video or multiple videos > Actions > Add tags.

2. Click on Add Tags to🔍 search the tags you want to add to your video.

3. Add ➕ as many tags as you want to your video to complement your topic.

4. Click Add Tags to finish the process of adding tags.

Another way to Add tags is to Click on a video > Navigate to Tags > Add Tags and follow the same process.

5. Tags will be displayed under each video.

Filter Your Videos With Tags

On the left side bar > Click on the tags, e.g, golden rings, summer collection. To clear the filters, click X on each tag.

Note: By adding multiple tags to your videos, you can easily locate and filter the content you want to see.

Remove Tags

1. To remove your tags, click on ☑️ to select your videos → Actions Remove tags.

2. Click ❌ on the tags you want to remove Remove tags.

Note: Bear in mind that these tags will not be deleted, just removed. You can permanently delete tags from ⚙️Configure tags in the upper left corner 🗑️Delete tag.

3. In case you don't want to remove your tag anymore, click the ➕ icon to add your tag back → Cancel.

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