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Learn how to upload, import, categorize, and optimize your video content

Video upload requirementsWe're big fans of high-converting videos that resonate with your viewers. To begin, you have to start with the uploading process.
How to upload your videosUploading your videos has never been easier. Scroll down to learn all about it.
How to import single video from TikTokAdd TikTok videos, make them shoppable, and use them to sell more.
How to import single video from InstagramImport a single video from Instagram using an URL.
How to import YouTube videosLearn how to import videos from YouTube, and make them shoppable.
How to import videos from your YouTube ChannelLearn how to effortlessly import videos from your YouTube channel to your Videowise library
How to import videos from ShopifyImport videos from Shopify, make them shoppable, and use them to sell more.
How to connect your social media accountsConnect Instagram & TikTok to VideoWise, sync videos to library effortlessly!
How to add a custom thumbnailA video thumbnail is the first impression your audience has of your video. 90% of the best-performing videos have custom thumbnails.
How to add tags to your videosWith video tags, you can easily label, manage, and organize your videos more efficiently in your Library.
How to make your videos shoppable and interactiveWith video interactions, you can level up your videos and turn them into immersive shopping experiences.
How to use closed captions in a videoThe Closed Captions feature provides text-based descriptions or transcriptions of the spoken content in the video.
How to delete, download or replace a videoLearn how to delete, download, or replace a video with our step-by-step guide.
How to add video details to enhance your videosLearn how to enhance your videos by adding important details.