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How to make your videos shoppable and interactive
How to make your videos shoppable and interactive

With video interactions, you can level up your videos and turn them into immersive shopping experiences.

Written by Videowise Support
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In this article, we'll explore how to tag your videos with products to make them shoppable or add a call-to-action button to make them interactive.

Add products to videos

Step 1. Library → Click on product tag icon on the video → Add products

add products to videos

Another option is to click on the video itself → Add products

tag products

Step 2. Add Labels to shoppable products

For each product, you can add a label such as "No Tag," "New," or "Sale" to highlight the status of the products.

add labels

You can filter your shoppable videos by clicking on FilterTagged products

filter shoppable products

Add Call-to-action button to your video

Step 1. Library → Click on the video itself → Call to action button Display call to action button

Step 2. CTA design

You can either enable global style settings or manually add your own style specific for this call to action.

The simultaneous pairing of a tagged product and a call to action in the same video is not allowed.

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