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How to add video details to enhance your videos
How to add video details to enhance your videos

Learn how to enhance your videos by adding important details.

Written by Videowise Support
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Click on the video either from your Library or directly within the widget to access various actions, including adding video details, selecting a thumbnail, tagging for better organization, adding closed captions, and enabling a call-to-action button.

In the Video details section, you can:

  • name your video;

  • select the start and end time:

  • select the format for desktop and mobile.

  • set autoplay start time

Don't forget to click on "Save" after you've made the changes.


  • Change thumbnail with one from your computer.

For landscape videos the recommended thumbnail format si 800x450 px.

For portrait videos the recommended format is 450x800 px.

The supported formats are JPG, GIF, and PNG.

We recommend you optimize your images using the Quality Settings:

Use Original Image:

  • When you select this option, the app will use the original, uncompressed version of the video thumbnail as the display image.This ensures that the thumbnail retains its highest quality, without compression, preserving details and clarity.

Optimize Image:

  • Choosing this option applies an optimization process to the video thumbnail, reducing its file size by compressing the image. Optimization helps in saving storage space and speeding up loading times.

💡Check out this thumbnails guideline article to help you get the most out of your video content.


Add one or multiple tags in the video for better management.

Closed captions

Generate closed captions directly from the video, or upload a VTT transcript file from the computer.

Call to action button

Enable Call to Action button to make your video interactive

Design your Call to Action (CTA) by either enabling the global store styles or manually customize it with our advanced customization options.

💡You have the option to either tag products on your video or enable the call-to-action button. However, you cannot enable both of them simultaneously.

Do you need help with shoppable videos?

Talk to your support team by chat or email.

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