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How to create dynamic sections for your Channel
How to create dynamic sections for your Channel

Learn how to create captivating sections for your Channel page, ensuring your audience stays engaged and eager to explore.

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In this guide, we'll show you how to create sections for your Channel page, turning it into an engaging experience. Add landscape videos, portrait videos, highlight sections, and featured products to captivate your audience.

Create New Channel

Step 1. Click + New channel to start creating your first channel.

Channels section location

Step 2. Add your Channel name and hit Save changes

Chanell name field


Step 3. To begin creating your dynamic Channel page, choose the type of section you want to add. You have four options:

Section selection

  1. Landscape Videos: Perfect for wide-screen video content that captures a broad view.

  2. Portrait Videos: Ideal for mobile-friendly, vertical videos that engage viewers on the go.

  3. Highlight Video + Text: Combine a compelling video with descriptive text to tell a story.

  4. Featured Products: Showcase your top products in a visually appealing format to drive interest and sales.

Step 4. Click "Add Videos" to start adding videos into your section.

Add videos to the sections

Video details

Step 5. After adding your videos, click on the video and enhance it with additional details.

Tag Products: Make your videos shoppable by tagging products directly within the video. This allows viewers to click on products and make purchases seamlessly within the Channel.

Add products section location

Video details: Enhance your videos further by providing essential details such as Title and Description. video duration, video format, decide whether your videos should automatically play when visitors land on your Channel page.

Video details overview

Thumbnail: tailor the appearance of your videos by customizing their thumbnails.

  1. Upload New Thumbnail: Replace the default thumbnail with a new image from your computer, ensuring it accurately represents your video's content.

  2. Quality Settings: Optimize the thumbnail image quality to ensure clarity and visual appeal.

  3. Use Original Thumbnail: Stick with the original thumbnail provided by the video, maintaining consistency with your content style.

Change Thumbnail location

Add Closed Captions: Improve accessibility and engagement by including closed captions in your videos.

Add Closed Captions

Display Call to Action Buttons: Guide your viewers towards specific actions, such as visiting a product page, signing up for a newsletter, or watching another video, by adding call to action button.

Call to action button

In enhancing your videos, you have the choice to make them interactive with a call to action (CTA) or shoppable by tagging products. However, it's important to note that you cannot implement both features simultaneously.

Once you've finished adding your video details, don't forget to hit the "Save" button to apply your changes.

Add other sections

Continue enriching your Channel page by clicking on '+Add Section' to incorporate a other diverse themes.

Sections overview

Edit section

If you wish to edit your section and modify its title or description, simply click on 'Edit section'.

Edit sections

Reorder sections

Easily reorder your sections by drag-and-drop to determine their sequence on the live Channel page.

Reorder section

Delete section

Click on the trash bin icon to delete a section.

Delete section

In our next article we'll focus on designing the sections to make them visually appealing and impactful.

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