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How to design your Channel sections
How to design your Channel sections

Learn how to design your sections to create a visually appealing and engaging Channel page.

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Creating a visually stunning and engaging Channel page is key to captivating your audience.

In this guide, we'll explore how to design your sections with advanced customization options. The design process is divided into two main parts: Style and Header. These elements allow you to tailor your sections according to your branding and preferences, ultimately delivering a Netflix-style experience that educates and engages your visitors.


Step 1. Choose the overall Theme for your Channel page. You can choose between:

Dark Theme: Ideal for a sleek, modern look that highlights your content with a dramatic flair.

Light Theme: Perfect for a clean, bright appearance that emphasizes clarity.

Selecting the right theme helps ensure your Channel page aligns with your brand's aesthetic and enhances the viewing experience for your audience.

Step 2. Enhance your Channel page's appearance by customizing additional style details:

Highlight Color: Choose a highlight color that complements your brand and draws attention to key elements.

Button Text and Icon: Personalize button text and icons to match your brand's voice and style.

Text Fonts: Select from 10 different text fonts to ensure your content is readable and visually appealing.

View Type: Decide between a carousel or grid view to present your content in the most engaging format.

Once you've finished customizing your style details, don't forget to hit "Done" to save your changes and continue.


You can further personalize your Channel page with these customization options:

Step 3. Channel Title and Description: Set a compelling title and description for your Channel to give visitors a clear idea of what to expect.

Step 4. Alignment: Choose the alignment for your header content, either left-aligned or centered, to match your design preference.

Step 5. Enable Logo: Decide whether to display your brand's logo in the header for immediate brand recognition.

Step 6: Hero Ambient (Background Video): Choose whether to display a trailer for the first video (Netflix-style) or the first video's image as the background.

Step 7. Primary Button:

  • Button Type: Select the action for the primary button—either to play the first video or to link to a specific URL.

  • Button Name: Customize the text that appears on the primary button.

Step 8. Secondary Button:

  • Enable Secondary Button: Add a secondary button with a custom name and URL for additional navigation or actions.

Step 9. Search Button: Enable a search button to help users find content quickly.

Step 10. Video Categories: Organize your videos into categories based on tags, making it easier for visitors to browse and discover content.

Once you've finished customizing your Header, don't forget to hit "Done" to save your changes and continue to publish your Channel.

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