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How to use closed captions in a video
How to use closed captions in a video

The Closed Captions feature provides text-based descriptions or transcriptions of the spoken content in the video.

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Here's how to add subtitles to a video:

Step 1: Open your video from the Library β†’ Navigate to Closed captions tab

You have 2 options to generate your subtitles:

  • Generate Closed Captions = when you click on the "generate CC" button, the system will analyze the audio track of the video and transcribe the spoken words into text, which will then be displayed as subtitles on the video screen.

Generate Closed Captions only provides subtitles for English. For any other language, you'll have to upload a VTT file from your computer.

  • Upload a VTT file from your computer = Regarding the file, we strictly adhere to a standardized format, namely VTT file format (WebVTT), for subtitle creation.

    If you don't already have a .vtt file ready to go, you'll need to create a .vtt file yourself or hire a video transcription service to create the file.

πŸ”” Clients are not allowed to provide custom subtitles; instead, they must ensure compliance with the prescribed format guidelines.

Need help creating captions?

Here are a few ways to create a .vtt file for video captions:

​1. Subtitle Edit Online is a practical and cost-free online captioning tool for crafting your own .vtt video caption file. While the free service may have some limitations in terms of user-friendliness, it still serves as a viable option for individuals seeking to generate a .vtt file independently.

2. Use a text editor

For those who prefer a more traditional approach, creating captions can be done using a basic text editor. Mac users can utilize the pre-installed TextEdit app to compose captions and include timestamps. As for PC users, Notepad provides a suitable option for creating the caption file.

​3. Hire someone to take care of it

Generating captions manually for your videos can be a time-consuming process, particularly for lengthy videos. To streamline your workflow and save time, consider using a video captioning service. is a reputable company that offers video captioning services, delivering captions in the .vtt file format. Alternatively, you can search for other paid options by using the search term "video captioning services" on Google.

There are specific formatting rules you must follow when manually generating a .vtt file in a text editor. Check out How to Create a WebVTT File for comprehensive instructions for Mac and PC.

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