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How to create a Call to Action
How to create a Call to Action

Use CTAs to prompt actions like signing up for events, subscribing, and exploring new collections/pre-orders on your website.

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How to create a Call to Action?

1. Navigate to Interactions tab > Click on Call to Actions > Create New Call to Action

2. Enter your Call to Action name → Click Continue

3. Customize your Call to Action


The Content tab includes the Heading text section and the Button details

Use powerful words like “Buy Now” “ Get the discount or “Sign up” to create a sense of urgency in your video.


Once you finish with the Content tab, it's time to customize your Call to Action by navigating to Style tab.

You have 2 options:

  • Use global store style settings - If you want to ☑ enable global store style, it’s going to reset the styling settings to the actual store styles.

If you ☐ disable global store style settings, you will manually add the style for each Text line, Submit button, and Background gradient.

  • Style: Simple or Advanced

→ style: simple. Manually add text size, text align, text style, text color for every text line.

→ style: advanced. You can style the text with an advanced mode ( put a CSS class from your own site and the text it’s going match that CSS class.)

  • Background gradient. If ☑ enabled, you can add a gradient color that helps in drawing the user's attention to the CTA’s elements.

For each desktop/mobile modes, we have separate customization options.For example, you can add a totally different style to the CTA on mobile, while the CTA on desktop has another style.

Save the Call to Action & Exit


You can track the performance of the call to action with a dedicated report that focuses on:

  • Click through rate = the percentage of users who click on the call-to-action within the video compared to the total number of users who engaged with the video.

  • Impressions = the total number of times the CTA has been viewed or displayed to viewers, regardless of whether they actually interacted with it or not.

  • Total clicks = the total number of times users have actively clicked on the call to action.

How to add the Call to Action to a video?

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