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How to create a Lead Capture Form
How to create a Lead Capture Form

Use interactive lead capture forms to generate leads and grow your contacts list.

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How to create a lead capture form?

1. Navigate to Interactions tab → Click on Lead Capture Form Create New Call to Action

2. Enter your Lead Capture Form name → Click Continue

3. Customize your Lead Capture Form


The Content tab includes the Heading text section, Fields, Button details, Privacy disclaimer, Thank you step.

  • In the Heading text section, you can add up to 2 text lines.

  • In the Fields section, you can add different fields that you want to include in the form

  • Submit button name

  • In the privacy disclaimer section, it is mandatory to add the disclaimer text, link text and link.

  • Thank you section provides 2 options: to display a thank you message or redirect to another page.


Once you finish with the Content tab, it's time to customize your Lead Capture Form by navigating to Style tab.

You have 2 options:

  • Use global store style settings

If you ☐ disable global store style settings, you will manually add the style for each Text line, and Other Form sections.

  • Text line style: Simple or Advanced

→ style: simple. Manually add text size, text align, text style, text color for every text line.

→ style: advanced. You can style the text with an advanced mode ( put a CSS class from your own site and the text it’s going match that CSS class.)

Form: Highlight Color → style the highlight color of your form.

Submit button

→ edit text color, text style, size, button color, radius, border

Background gradient

If ☑ enabled, you can add a gradient color that helps in drawing the user's attention to the Lead Capture Form's elements.

For each desktop/mobile modes, we have separate customization options. For example, you can add a totally different style to the Lead Capture form on mobile, while the Lead Capture Form on desktop has another style.

Save the Lead Capture Form & Exit


You can track the performance of the lead capture form with a dedicated report that focuses on:

  • Click through rate = the percentage of users who click on the call-to-action within the video compared to the total number of users who engaged with the video.

  • Impressions = the total number of times the CTA has been viewed or displayed to viewers, regardless of whether they actually interacted with it or not.

  • Total clicks = the total number of times users have actively clicked on the call to action.

Sync up your email integration ID to automatically receive the collected data from Videowise lead capture form in Klaviyo integration.

Select "View Submission" to access the lead contacts you have received and export the data into a CSV file.

How to add a lead capture form to your video?

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