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Will Videowise affect my page speed

No, and here's how we protect your page speed:

Written by Videowise Support
Updated over a week ago

Videowise offers a way to integrate interactive and shoppable videos seamlessly into web pages.

However, many wonder: does using Videowise slow down page loading?

Despite its robust features, Videowise is engineered with optimization in mind, ensuring minimal impact on page loading times.

Page-speed protective

Videowise protects your site's page speed with compressed thumbnails, lazy loading, and scripts that are little over 100kb, ensuring that only essential components are loaded upfront, further boosting your site's speed.

Compressed & optimized video files

Experience the best of both worlds: high-quality videos without the large file sizes. Our platform optimizes and compresses video files for faster loading times without compromising the overall image quality.

Autoplay preview with no page-speed impact

Captivate your audience right from the start with autoplay previews that won't compromise your site's speed. With Videowise, you can seamlessly showcase your content without worrying about performance interruptions.

Optimized for Shopify

Integrate Videowise effortlessly into your Shopify store and watch your conversions soar. Our platform is tailor-made to enhance the Shopify experience, ensuring seamless integration and maximum results.

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