What types of videos can I use

From personalized uploads to TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube, find what suits your brand best.

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Your video selection should depend on various factors: the placement of the widget, your product, and even of your industry.

You can use your own uploaded videos, TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube videos on:

Product Pages

  • Add product demos and how-to videos close to the CTA

  • Add unboxing videos on the top part of your page

  • Add testimonials videos at the bottom of the page for social proof

The Homepage

  • Add presentation videos for social proof on the top part of your homepage

  • Add product videos to emphasize the main product information and benefits

  • Add promotional videos to bring to spotlight sales and special campaigns

  • Add testimonial videos for social proof

The About Us Page

Add 'about us' video aka company culture video to emphasize "likeability" and other positive emotions. These have a far greater influence on customers buying from and staying loyal to you than any other fact-based factors.

The Reviews Page

  • Add testimonial videos from your shoppers

  • Add unboxing videos

  • Add reviews and recommendation videos

The Blog

  • Massive conversion opportunity for your store

  • Add shoppable videos to each blog post to drive even more attention to your products and convert readers into shoppers

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