How to create a product video widget

Follow these instructions to create, edit and install the product video widget on your Shopify Store.

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Follow the instructions below to learn how to create a product video widget: πŸ‘‡

Step 1: Navigate to Publish βž” Choose your page βž” Click Add video widget

​Step 2: Choose how you want to add videos to your page βž” If you want to create a new video widget βž” Click on "Create new video widget"

Step 3: Select your video playlist type: manual or automated playlist βž” Click Continue

Step 4: Select the Product Photo widget from the widget theme gallery.

Customize your widget


In the Content section, you'll need to select your product image. You have two options:

  • Change image: You can always change your image by uploading a product image from your computer to use as a placeholder while your video is still loading.

  • Default image: If you don't upload a product image from your computer, we'll automatically use the respective image from the product. We no longer use the white default image.

For instance, if the widget is put on the 4th position of product media gallery, we'll use the image from the 4th position of the product and place the widget on that image.

How to change the position of your product video widget?

Navigate to βš™οΈSettings βž” General Settings βž” Product widget settings βž” Gallery position

Before proceeding with the install process, we advise setting the position of the product video widget inside the product media gallery.

The other input fields will be reviews by our development team in case you experience any issues with your product media gallery.


Navigate back to your widget: Publish βž” Product page βž” Edit widget βž” Style

You can choose whether to disable or show the play button.

If you opt to display the play button:

  • Select from four different play button styles.

  • Customize the icon color and background color according to your preferences.

  • Click Save changes

Make sure in your Shopify theme editor to opt for thumbnails to ensure the play button remains visible on the widget: Navigate to Product Information βž” Desktop Layout βž” Thumbnails βž” Save.


Player Controls: You have the option to enable or disable starting the video on mute, allowing fullscreen controls, and autoplay.

These settings are enabled by default, and we recommend keeping them enabled for optimal user experience.

Collection page:

Enabling the option to display videos on the collection page will apply videos from your product page to the collection page as well.

Install your widget

You have 2 installation options: current and legacy.


The product video widget will be placed on the position you've set in the product media gallery. Once you've chosen the widget's position, just click "Install widget", and it will be added to your page exactly where you want it.

This option is straightforward, just make sure you choose the position of your widget by going to Settings βž” General Settings βž” Gallery Position.

If you want to change your widget's position after installation:

Go to Settings βž” General Settings βž” Gallery Position, choose the new position βž” Save changes βž” Reinstall the widget βž” and preview your page.

If the new position doesn't seem to have taken effect, it might be due to your browser's cache. Try clearing your cache and refreshing the page (CTRL-SHIFT-R for Windows or Command-SHIFT-R on Mac) to ensure you're seeing the latest version of your store page.


Now, let's discuss the legacy option, which involves Videowise generating an image for your desired video. You'll then need to download this image and upload it to the product photo carousel in your Shopify account.

Follow the instructions below to complete this process:

Navigate to your Shopify admin βž” Products βž” Choose your product page βž” Navigate to the Media section βž” Click Add image or Add from URL.

Download image: If you choose the legacy option, make sure to upload an image from your computer in the Content section to replace the default one. This image will be downloaded and uploaded in your Media section ( Add image).

Copy image URL: copy the image URL and paste it in the input field βž” Click Add file.

Once the image is uploaded, you can simply drag & drop it to position it within the product media gallery. This determines where the product widget will be installed.

Exit the Install screen in Videowise βž” Click Preview to see your product video widget in action.

You're all done!

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