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What is the difference between embedded and pop-up widgets
What is the difference between embedded and pop-up widgets

Choose between Embedded & Pop-up widgets for your website videos. Seamless integration or attention-grabbing pop-ups - the choice is yours.

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Learn the variances between embedded and pop-up widgets for optimized user engagement. Explore their distinctions and choose the ideal option for your website.

Embedded Widget: Seamlessly Integrating Videos into Your Website

The Embedded Widget serves as a cornerstone for embedding videos directly into your website's pages. Boasting six base themes including Background, Single Video, Carousels, Galleries, Stories, and Quick Shop Carousel, this widget offers versatile options to suit various content needs.

Ease of installation is a key advantage of the Embedded Widget. Users simply copy a <div code> into their Shopify theme, allowing for quick and hassle-free integration. Moreover, customization options abound, enabling users to fine-tune the size, layout, and other features of the embedded video to seamlessly align with their website's design aesthetic.

Pop-up Widget: Capturing Attention with Interactive Video Displays

In contrast, the Pop-up Widget presents an alternative approach to video engagement. Positioned as an interactive pop-up video that overlays the website's page, this widget offers three base themes: Video Pop-up Portrait, Landscape, and Rounded.

One of the primary benefits of the Pop-up Widget lies in its ability to capture viewer attention effectively. By appearing as a subtle yet engaging pop-up, it increases the likelihood of viewer interaction with the shoppable video content. Furthermore, it ensures a seamless user experience by enabling viewers to engage with the video and related products without navigating away from the video player.

Ease of implementation sets the Pop-up Widget apart. Unlike its embedded counterpart, the Pop-up Widget does not require any installation steps. Videowise automatically installs the widget on the website, simplifying the process for users.

Ultimately, the choice between the two widgets hinges on your specific requirements and preferences. Whether you prioritize seamless integration or captivating engagement, both Embedded and Pop-up Widgets offer unique benefits to enhance your website's video content and drive results.

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