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Using Videowise

Learn about embedding videos, off-site shopping, analytics, and more!

What are the benefits of using shoppable video in SMS campaigns?Discover the benefits of integrating shoppable videos into SMS campaigns.
How do I embed shoppable videos? Is it code?Learn how to embed shoppable videos seamlessly into your website.
Can I add videos for thousands of SKUsActually, this is the only place where you can do this.
Can I upload Instagram ReelsExplore the compatibility and integration options for incorporating engaging Reels content into your shoppable video strategy.
Can I auto-play the shoppable video?Explore the implications of auto-play features in driving attention and interaction with interactive video content.
Can I use a GIF as a video thumbnail?
Can I change / customize the video widget size?
Do videos automatically get added to the carousels or do I get to choose what content my customers see?
What is Off-site Video Shopping?Delve into the concept of off-site video shopping, where shoppable videos are shared beyond your website.
How do I set up off-site shoppable videos?
Where can I share shoppable videos?Discover the diverse platforms where you can share shoppable videos to maximize engagement and drive sales.
What are best practices for using shoppable video in email?
What does sharing shoppable video as a “link” mean?Discover the concept of sharing shoppable videos as links and its implications.
What should I do if the widget does not appear on my website?Is the embedded video widget not appearing on your live store? We'll troubleshoot potential issues step by step in this article.
Why Are Reports & Analytics important?
What’s the difference between influenced revenue and direct revenue?Explore the nuances between influenced revenue and direct revenue.
How do I know which orders came through shoppable videos?
If someone watches a video of one product, but purchases an unviewed product,, will it affect the Analytics / count as an influenced purchase?
How to boost conversions with shoppable videosIn this playbook, you'll learn the best practices for using shoppable videos to increase conversions.
Always make your videos shoppable! Here's whyWhen using Videowise, always make your video content shoppable before publishing it on-site.
How does Videowise increase conversionsThe Power of Videowise's Interactive E-Commerce Videos
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What is the difference between embedded and pop-up widgetsChoose between Embedded & Pop-up widgets for your website videos. Seamless integration or attention-grabbing pop-ups - the choice is yours.
How to use shoppable videos with QR CodesDiscover how to seamlessly integrate QR Codes into your video content to create an immersive shopping experience for your audience.
What are interactions?Learn how to interpret interactions.
Are there any hosting capacity restrictions?There are almost no limits on how many videos or images you can host in your Videowise library!
Using Videowise with metafieldsIn this article, we will discuss metafields, how to set them up, and how to use them with Videowise