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How to boost conversions with shoppable videos
How to boost conversions with shoppable videos

In this playbook, you'll learn the best practices for using shoppable videos to increase conversions.

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Today’s video is designed for watching, over conversions. We're on a mission to change that → because we know that eCommerce needs conversions.

Shoppable video has been confirmed by TikTok & Instagram’s pivot to video Reels, but there is no standard outside of these platforms. By including shoppable videos in your eCommerce marketing and sales strategies, you provide your shoppers with all the information they need, without them having to bounce and go do their research about your brand and products elsewhere.

“Video is now the default expression of the internet. Make your videos shoppable!”

Shopify Future of Ecommerce 2022 Report

According to Littledata’s February 2022 statistics, the average conversion rate for Shopify stores is 1.8%. With Videowise's advanced Analytics, we're seeing conversion rates of up to 20%.

In this playbook, we're addressing the best shoppable video practices implemented by relevant Shopify and Shopify Plus stores, proven to have a direct, beneficial impact on the conversion rate.

Best ways to share shoppable videos 👇

Here are some of the best-proven ways of sharing interactive shoppable videos, that can help you boost conversions.

1. Embedding shoppable videos on-site

Add shoppable videos to your product pages, homepage, reviews page, and any other page on your store to frictionlessly engage with your viewers and convert them to shoppers.

2. Sending shoppable videos in email campaigns

Email marketing is one of the most popular forms of content marketing out there. However, nowadays, has become quite difficult to grab the attention of your audience, and stimulate them to open your email and take action.

Include shoppable videos directly in the email body to promote products, collections, and sales, announce important campaigns such as BFCM, Winter Holiday Sales, etc., or launch fun interactive games and events.

Shoppers can start purchasing directly from the video player when they receive your newsletter. 👇

3. Sending shoppable videos in SMS campaigns

Sending shoppable videos in SMS and Whatsapp campaigns serve as an interactive way to reach your target audience, and it can also be a compelling attention grabber that gives your customers a seamless shopping experience straight on their mobile device.

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4. Crosselling with shoppable videos in QR codes

Use QR codes on your packaging linked to a fullscreen, swipeable shoppable video playlist.

Tag related products or accessories in those videos to generate more sales.

Best practices for customizing the videos you share 👇

  1. Make the videos shoppable → Always include add-to-cart buttons to shorten the customer journey from discovery to purchase. Here's how to make your videos shoppable.

  2. Showcase 1 to 3 products at a time → Giving your shoppers too many options (too many possible products to purchase) might determine them not to take any action at all. Showcasing only a few products helps buyers to decide and purchase faster.

  3. Showcase how-to shoppable videos → Give your customers a reason to buy your products by showing exactly how and why they should use them.

  4. Keep it short → Try to keep your videos under a minute. As a best practice, rather than displaying one very long video, try embedding more shorter ones instead.

  5. Add custom thumbnails Engaging branded video thumbnails are proven to have a high impact on the click-through rate, increasing engagement and conversions.

  6. Set videos on autoplay Experiment with setting your shoppable videos on autoplay when customizing your video widgets. A/B between this option and the custom thumbnails one, and measure which one converts better in the Analytics section.

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