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Analyze and monitor your UGC
Analyze and monitor your UGC

Unlock insights into your User-Generated Content (UGC) performance.

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In this guide, we'll delve into key metrics that provide valuable insights into the reach, engagement, and effectiveness of your UGC.

โ€‹Content Count Metrics:

  • IG Reel Count: The total number of Instagram Reels within your UGC.

  • IG Stories Count: The total number of Instagram Stories included in your UGC.

  • IG Feed Post Count: The total number of posts from Instagram feeds within your UGC.

  • TT Video Count: The total number of videos from TikTok included in your UGC.

Total Engagement by Post Date:

  • Views: The total number of views accumulated across all UGC posts, providing insights into content reach.

  • Likes: The total number of likes received across all UGC posts, indicating audience appreciation.

  • Comments: The total number of comments generated on UGC posts, reflecting audience interaction.

  • Shares: The total number of shares for UGC posts, showcasing content virality and amplification.

Social Profiles Count:

  • Social Profiles: The total count of social profiles associated with your UGC, offering an overview of platforms contributing to your UGC collection.

By analyzing these metrics, you gain valuable insights into the performance and impact of your UGC, enabling informed decisions to optimize your UGC strategy.

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