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How to filter your UGC content
How to filter your UGC content

Organize your inbox with various filters for better content management.

Written by Videowise Support
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After your Inbox becomes full with content, using various filters can efficiently organize it according to your preferences. Whether sorting by usage rights, search criteria, post type and content type, mastering these filters optimizes your content management process.

Discover a step-by-step guide to effectively filter your UGC content:

By Usage rights:

  • Approved: Content that has been reviewed and authorized for use.

  • Pending: Content awaiting review or approval.

  • Rejected: Content that has been reviewed by the content creator and deemed unsuitable for use.

By Search Criteria:

  • Hashtags: Filter videos collected for you through the hashtags.

  • Accounts Tracked: Organize content from selected user accounts being tracked.

By Post Type:

  • Instagram Feed: Video content posted on users' Instagram feeds.

  • Instagram Story: Content shared on Instagram stories.

  • Instagram Reel: Short-form video content.

  • TikTok Video: Videos from the TikTok platform.

By Content Type:

  • Image: Filter your content based on images.

  • Video: Filter for video content.

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