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Actions you can perform on your UGC content
Actions you can perform on your UGC content

Explore how to manage, analyze, and optimize your images and videos with intuitive contextual menu actions.

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This article explores various actions available through the contextual menus, like the post details, refreshing stats, muting the content from a specific creator, and more.

Check post details

When you click on "Post Details", you'll access a snapshot of the Instagram or TikTok post as it appears on the platforms.

View the post description, number of likes, and hashtags used.

You'll also find buttons to view the post directly on Instagram, explore the creator's profile, or mute all content from that creator. Refresh post stats to stay updated.


From the contextual menu, you can send videos to the VideoWise library to create interactive video content. Remember, you'll need usage rights approval before taking these actions.

When accessing the contextual menu for images, the key difference is the ability to download the image instead of sending it to the VideoWise library. This is because our platform focuses on creating interactive video content, and thus only videos can be sent to the library.

Once you obtain usage rights approval, you can freely download the image and incorporate it into your marketing campaigns.

UGC contextual menu

Additionally, you have the option to click on the "..." directly on the video or image to access the contextual menu and perform the same actions from there. Whether it's viewing post details, show content from the creator, or other options, you can easily manage your content with just a few clicks.

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