What is Conversion?

Conversion rate sets the sail for determining the number of users who visit a site and convert into leads or customers. Adding shoppable videos and testimonials greatly increases the number of orders placed in your store. 

What Videowise brings to the table is the possibility of directly monitoring your visitors' behavior and seeing how each video performs. 

On the Analytics board, we break down the following metrics:

  • Video Conversions: the number of visitors that have converted with video over time, along with the entire user journey— from how many visitors were engaged to how many added a product to their cart and eventually purchased it.
  • Influenced and Direct video sales: you can keep track of the revenue you generate by using video content on your site. You can read more about them in this article. 
  • ROI (return of investment): we track the number of orders placed immediately after a shopper engages with at least one video in the same browser session. We calculate this by dividing the influenced revenue by your monthly subscription rate. 
  • % of Video conversion: in this graph, you can see how your videos perform and convert to revenue in a particular period. 
  • Conversion funnel: this section lets you monitor in-depth the steps users make before purchasing a product, helping you fine-tune your marketing strategy. 
  • Average video order value: this metric shows you, on average, how much revenue is getting generated by your video marketing strategy. 



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