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What Is The Difference Between Embedded And Picture-in-Picture Widgets?

We provide both types of video widgets from which you can choose the one that fits better according to your needs. Both types offer a shoppable video player.

Embedded Widget

Embedded widget is an essential part of your page, and you can implement it just like you would do with text or image content. Users need to click on these video widgets to interact with them as embedded widgets will not autoplay.

For embedded widgets, you can choose from four layouts: single, carousel landscape, carousel portrait, and gallery grid. 

Picture-in-picture widget

Picture-in-Picture Video is a highly effective tool designed to engage and convert more traffic into paying customers.
Thanks to its special type of multi-window mode, visitors can watch a video in a small window pinned to the left corner of the screen while navigating content on the main screen. You can choose whether you would like them to autoplay. 

For picture-in-picture widgets, you can choose between portrait and landscape layouts. If you assign multiple videos to a single picture-in-picture widget, they will play one after another. 



Are you unsure what kind of widget do you need? See our Best Practices. 

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