How to set General Settings

The General Settings present an overview of your account. Now we’re giving you more visibility on the global settings of your stores and their specific details.

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On the upper right side, select ⚙️ to navigate to your General Settings.

The General Settings offer more general options relevant to each store. The main menu consists of several applicable settings:

  • Store logo: upload the store’s logo to make your shoppable videos match your brand. Click the 'Upload' button. If you want to delete your logo ➔ Click the delete icon.

💡 The file should be a transparent (.png) file, and the recommended size is 400 x 160px

  • Video Marketing URL: the store’s main subdomain that will be used for the shoppable video marketing campaigns.

  • Bulk actions: allows you to reset the thumbnails for all videos.

  • Product inventory behavior is related to how the product inventory behaves on the Shopify store. It provides 2 options you can choose from:

Do you need more help with other Account Details & Settings?

Talk to your CSM and support team by chat or email.

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