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My uploaded video size is too big

What should you do if the videos you want to upload are bigger than our requirements?

Written by Videowise Support
Updated over a week ago

While our platform allows you to upload videos up to 500 Mb in size, we highly recommend that you compress your files before adding them to the app. It should not change the quality. However, it can significantly decrease the loading time.
This also applies to files bigger than 500 Mb. To be able to upload them to your Videowise Library, please compress and optimize the files to match the in-app requirements.

  • Maximum file size: 500 Mb.

  • Supported video format: .mp4

For best results, we advise you to upload files that are around 10-15 Mb in size.

There are many great online tools that can help you convert your video files to multiple formats. If you're stuck in second gear, we'll be there for you to offer support. Just give us a holler!

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