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Understanding Videowise interactions
Understanding Videowise interactions

In this article, you'll learn what interactions are, how to set them up, and get the most out of each type of interaction we have available.

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With interactions, you can make videos shoppable, take users through an immersive quiz experience where they can learn more about your brand & products, drive viewers from a specific video to a page they might be interested in, and collect lead data.

Below, you'll find a list of our interactions:

Shoppable Products

Products are an essential part of shoppable videos - by adding products to your video, you allow users to buy a product or visit a product's page with just a few clicks.
By adding products to your videos, you create an engaging and smooth experience for page visitors, as they can watch the video on a specific product and then quickly check out that product's page or buy it without having to go through multiple pages on the website.


Quizzes are interactive videos that allow viewers to answer questions about the video's content. These quizzes can gather valuable insights about your audience, help customers learn more about your brand, and show products that would be relevant to the shopper.

Creating a quiz is a quick and straightforward process, and if you need any help, we also wrote an article with all the steps of this process.


CTA's can be used to encourage users to complete a specific action on your website, such as signing up for special events, subscribing to a newsletter, and introducing new collections/pre-order events.

Lead capture forms

A lead capture form is an engaging tool that can collect contact information directly from the shopper - and it is also really simple to set up.
You can generate leads and grow your contacts list by offering a discount, ebook, or any other item that will be valuable to your target audience.

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