How to set up Automated Playlists

The video widget playlist will be generated based on rules set using video tags from your Library.

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How to set up your Automated Playlist?

Step 1: Organize your videos with tags

Learn How To Add Tags To Your Videos

Step 2: Choose your page where you'd like to start adding your video components.

Step 3: Click on Add Video Widget → Create New Video Widget

Step 4: Select your video playlist type, in this case Automated playlist.

Step 5: Choose from 3 use cases and start adding your conditions:

💡 Custom Automation:

  • Use Case: Customized playlist tailored to your preferences.

  • Description: Automated playlists can be used to create personalized video collections based on rules set using video tags from your Library.

  • Benefits: Enjoy a continuous stream of videos that match your current interests without the manual effort of adding each video individually. This will save you time while always having fresh videos on your pages.

💡 TikTok feed:

  • Use Case: Curate a playlist of your imported TikTok videos.

  • Description: You can use automated playlists to keep your video collection up-to-date with your latest videos imported from TikTok straight into your Library.

  • Benefits: Stay in sync with the latest TikTok videos that you import within your library.

💡 Instagram feed

  • Use Case: Create a playlist with videos imported from your Instagram account.

  • Description: You can set up a custom automation rule for your Instagram Feed Playlist, specifying the maximum number of videos you want to include. The automation will add videos from your Library's Instagram feed to the playlist up to the defined maximum limit.

Ex: you can set up automated playlists to sync with your TikTok feed or Instagram reels/stories. This means that as you add new videos to your library and tag them appropriately, the widget will automatically update its playlist to include the latest content. This automation ensures your web pages are consistently populated with up-to-date and engaging videos without the need for constant manual intervention.

Step 6: Set up conditions for the use case - Custom automation

6.1. Include tags that are linked to the videos you wish to add to your automated playlist.

6.2. After you add your tags, it's time to set up your tags conditions.

Here's an explanation of how "OR" & "AND" conditions work in this context:

  • OR Condition:

    - When you set up an automation rule with an "OR" condition, it means that the rule will trigger if any one of the specified conditions is met.

    - For example, if you have two conditions: Tag is "How to 2" OR "Presentation 1", the automation will trigger if a video has either the "How to 2" tag or the "Presentation 1" tag.

  • AND Condition:

    - When you set up an automation rule with an "AND" condition, it means that the rule will trigger only if all of the specified conditions are met simultaneously.

    - For example, if you have two conditions: "Tag is 'How to 2'" AND "Presentation 1", the automation will trigger only if a video has both the "How to 2" tag and "Presentation 1" tag.

Using "OR" and "AND" conditions allows you to create flexible automation rules that can be tailored to your specific workflow needs.

6.3. Specify the maximum number of videos that you want to include in your playlist, with a maximum limit of 8 videos.

🎉 You're all done with setting up your automated playlist.

Step 7: Navigate to your Theme Gallery Widgets and choose your widget theme.

Step 8: Customize your video component 👇

Step 9: Install your video widget on your Shopify page. 👇

Step 10: After setting up your automated playlist, you can review and edit your videos anytime by accessing your automated playlist.

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