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How to create the Form for efficient data collection
How to create the Form for efficient data collection

The form allows users to engage with your brand by providing relevant information, such as name, email, phone, and more.

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This step-by-step guide will walk you through the process of creating a data collection form to gather essential information from website visitors after they upload their video.

With multiple customizable sections, you can tailor the form to incentivize users and ensure seamless data submission.

Heading Text Setup:

Craft a two-line heading text to encourage visitors to complete their information.

For example, "If your content is approved, this information will be needed to redeem your reward" can serve as an incentive.

Style Customization:

Choose between:

  • Simple style customization, where you can manually adjust text size, alignment, color, and style.

  • CSS customization to align the style with your website's aesthetic

Fields Configuration:

The fields for full name and email address are automatically included and cannot be removed. They can only be re-ordered through drag-and-drop functionality.

Click on "Add Field" to expand the options for including additional relevant information.

To include standard fields such as phone number or birthday → Choose the desired field from the options provided → If necessary, enable the field as mandatory. Save changes to confirm the addition of the selected field.

To create a new input field → Click on "Create New Input Field" → Add a name for the field → Choose whether to make it mandatory or optional → Save changes.

To add a "New select box" → Click on Create New Select Box → Enter a name for the select box, such as "Interests." → Specify whether the select box is mandatory or optional → Add different options for customers to select → Save changes.

You can include up to 4 fields.

Inputs Design:

Customize the design of input fields with advanced options including background color, border, radius, text color, and size. Ensure a visually appealing and user-friendly layout.

Privacy Disclaimer:

Choose the type and position of the privacy disclaimer.

Options: Checkbox or text-only.

Determine the placement of the disclaimer relative to the call to action.

Options: Above or below the call to action.

Enhance transparency by adding additional elements to the disclaimer.

Options: Disclaimer text, link, and text link.

Submit Button Customization:

Personalize the submit button to align with your branding preferences. Specify the name, color, style, size, and border, utilizing advanced customization options to ensure consistency across your website.

Mobile/desktop settings

Use different customization settings and create unique experiences for shoppers using desktop, or mobile devices.

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