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Learn how to configure the buy button behavior
Learn how to configure the buy button behavior

Configure your buy button's behavior within the video player to enhance your e-commerce experience.

Written by Videowise Support
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From seamlessly adding items to the cart to implementing custom scripts, redirecting to specific URLs, or even facilitating virtual cart experiences, we'll guide you through each behavior.

Choose the Buy Button behaviour that best suits the shopping experience you want to offer. πŸ‘‡

  • Add to cart β†’ Shopper goes directly to the cart page.

  • Add to cart + Custom script β†’ You can add your own custom script (for example, java script), that executes a more special action from your own store.
    The process is the following: add the custom script in the box > click refresh on your store's page > the script will update after that refresh. An example of this specific buy button behaviour would be to open the cart drawer.

  • Direct to cart + Redirect to URL β†’ The shopper goes directly to the cart page after adding the product to the cart.

  • Virtual cart β†’ Allows shoppers to continue watching the video and adding more products to the cart without being redirected to checkout.

  • Direct to checkout β†’ After adding the product to cart, shoppers get redirected directly to checkout.

  • Custom URL β†’ Shoppers get redirected to a custom URL of your choice.

πŸ’‘ Don't forget to hit Done when you're done customizing. ✌️

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