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How To Create Product Page Widgets

How to embed shoppable videos at scale using Videowise's drag-and-drop editing tools.

Step by Step Guideline: 👇

Step 1: Navigate to the On-site video section and select the Product Pages tab. 

Screenshot 2022-10-03 at 13.52.19Here, you can see all the listed products in your store. Select the one you would like to add videos to.

Step 2: Choose whether you want to create a new video widget or would like to re-use an existing one on your product page.

You can re-use widgets with a single click if you have already created them. It will save you time when you want to add videos to many products. 


Step 3: Customize the widget 👇

Learn how to customize your video widgets.

Step 4: Add Videos To The Widget

Step 5: Embed the video widget on product pages 👇


If you want to make changes to your video widgets, you can do that at any time:

  • Click the edit widget button to customize the widget style.
  • Click the edit player button to customize the video player. 

To create multiple video widgets for the same product page, simply click on the + sign ↔ Add video widget and start again with Step 2

Screenshot 2022-10-03 at 16.26.46


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