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How to create a video quiz

Adding quizzes enhances viewer engagement, providing interactive and enjoyable video experiences

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How to create and add a Quiz to your video?

Step 1. Navigate to Widgets tab → Click on New widget Interactive video widget category

Step 2. Name your video quiz and start using it.

Quiz part

​Step 3. Add videos to your quiz

Step 4. The Quiz part includes the Questions section and the Answers section for each video.

  • In the Quiz text section, you can add up to 2 questions.

  • In the Answers section, you can add up to 5 answers, each one with its own action.

Choose a destination for each answer:

  • Go to part: redirects to another video from your quiz. 〇 Select a video → Click Done

  • Page URL: for a new answer, you can redirect visitors to a URL page. Click Save.

  • Redirect to a Product Page of your store. 〇 Select Product Page → Click Done

You can reorder the answers or delete 🗑️ any answer.

Don't forget to click "Save" after you've applied your changes.

Display rules

Step 5. Before publishing your video quiz, you have to set up rules for it

Learn how to set up different rules to determine where to show or hide your widget on your website.

Step 6: Customize the widget design 👇

Learn how to customize the widget design for video popup

Step 7. It's time to customize your Quiz design.

You have 2 options:

  • Use global store style settings

If you want to ☑ enable global styles, it’s going to reset the styling settings to the actual store styles. Click on Use Global Styles.

If you ☐ disable global store style settings, you will manually add the style for each Question line, Answers, and Background gradient.

  • Style: Simple or Advanced

→ style: simple. Manually add text size, text align, text style, text color for every question and answer.

→ style: advanced. You can style the text with an advanced mode ( put a CSS class from your own site and the text it’s going match that CSS class.)

  • Background gradient. If ☑ enabled, you can add a gradient color that helps in drawing the user's attention to the quiz’s elements.

Don't forget to click "Done" after you've applied your changes.

Step 8. Install the popup quiz on your website👇

No embedding is necessary for this type of widget. All you need to do is click on "Publish widget".


Click on Quiz parts → Quiz results

You can track the performance of the quiz with a dedicated report that focuses on:

  • Click through rate = the percentage of users who click on a specific call-to-action within the quiz compared to the total number of users who engaged with the quiz.

  • Impressions = the total number of times the quiz has been viewed or displayed to viewers, regardless of whether they actually interacted with it or not.

  • Total clicks = the total number of times users have actively clicked on the interactive elements within the quiz.

  • Answers = the total number of clicks each answer received.

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