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Videowise on product pages
Videowise on product pages
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Selecting the Perfect Video Widgets:

  • Carousel Widgets: Ideal for showcasing product collections or variations. Position them strategically where they can grab the user's attention without overwhelming the page.

    Use case: goPure enhances their product page by integrating genuine customer experiences and testimonials through the carousel widget. By incorporating real customer testimonials in video format, goPure offers potential customers an authentic perspective on the effectiveness of the brand's products. This approach effectively communicates the skincare line's efficacy and fosters a more engaging and memorable user experience.

  • Product Photo : The product photo carousel component increases user engagement by seamlessly integrating dynamic product visuals within video content, capturing attention and encouraging interaction.

    Use case: Booty Parlor implemented the Product Photo widget on one of their product pages. This innovative widget seamlessly integrates a carousel of high-resolution product images with video content, allowing users to explore multiple product visuals seamlessly while watching the accompanying video.

  • Popup Videos: Greet website visitors with personalized video pop-ups and keep them on your site for longer. The more time a visitor spends on your site, the more likely they are to buy. This type of widget is great for showcasing promotional videos, product demos, announcements, or any other engaging content that you want to highlight to website visitors.

    Use case: ​Absolute Collagen integrated a Video Popup widget on one of their pages. This interactive pop-up video features engaging content highlighting the key benefits of their collagen supplements. Additionally, Absolute Collagen included a prominent call-to-action (CTA) within the video popup, prompting users to take action, such as exploring their new collection.

  • Stories: let you showcase product demos, customer testimonials, and
    behind-the-scenes videos. You’ll capture the attention of users who are already
    interested in making a purchase but seek more information about the product. Positioning them below the "Add to Cart" button on your product pages leverages the familiar interface, capturing customers' attention and facilitating conversions.

    Use case: True Classic strategically utilized the Stories widget on their product page below the "Add to Cart" button to showcase their customer testimonials.

Crafting Compelling Content

  • Use high-quality videos that highlight product features and benefits.

  • Short-form video wins: make sure you're using video throughout your conversion
    funnel, on the most popular / high-trac pages!

  • Incorporate engaging storytelling to connect with your audience emotionally.

  • Include clear calls-to-action to prompt users to take the next step.

Engage with your customers

Harness the power of Interactions and build brand awareness with your customers!

  • Enhance engagement with interactive elements like shoppable products, quizzes, and lead capture formss to enhance engagement.

  • Guide users through informative videos or direct them to product pages.

  • Encourage sign-ups for events or webinars with captivating call-to-action videos.

  • Gather information on your customer shopping preferences through distributed quiz videos and adjust content based on results

  • Introduce new products and pre-order events through compelling call-to-action videos.

See how our client Osmosalt utilizes our quizzes to guide their customers through a product discovery journey:

Change up the content on a regular basis

Our Analytics page provides you with information on how your components, pages & videos are performing - use these insights to tailor your content and get more out of your customer base by showing them what they want!

  • Review your lowest-performing components and test different placement, or a different component altogether, until you're satisfied with the results

  • Look at the top performing videos and consider adding more content of similar nature

  • Analyze your best performing pages to understand what is done differently there & apply the learnings to the rest of your website

Customize video components to match your brand

Videowise allows you to customize all video widgets to match your branding:

  • Incorporate brand colors for player details such as the add-to-cart button to maintain visual consistency with your website.

  • Modify colors, shapes, and incorporate animations for the play button to make it more prominent and attract customers' attention.

  • Include catchy headlines to effectively convey the video content to customers.

  • Don't just stop at one widget on a page. Add multiple widgets on your pages to properly communicate your product's value proposition and show to your happy customers

  • Autoplay On: Turn on autoplay for your video widgets to captivate your customer's attention, keeping them to spend more time on that page

  • Ensure the video widgets are optimized for mobile devices to provide a seamless user experience.

  • Test responsiveness and functionality across various screen sizes and devices.

See how our top clients - plug, Absolute Collagen, Dr. Denis Gross, Every Man Jack & Gatineau have adjusted the widget colors to match their branding!

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