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Find and save your best UGC on Instagram and TikTok
Find and save your best UGC on Instagram and TikTok

Automatically find and save your UGC from Instagram and TikTok.

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Once you've configured your Detect UGC by adding hashtags and accounts you wish to monitor, it's time to explore the automatically saved content in your Inbox according to your preferences. With your UGC, you can:

  • Connect with creators to obtain usage rights for their UGC.

  • Transform UGC into shoppable content and install it on your website using Videowise.

  • Craft engaging shoppable video campaigns that can be shared across various platforms outside your Shopify store.

Contact creators and get usage rights over their UGC

Click "Get usage rights" located beneath the video or image to begin reaching out to the creator.

To simplify the process of selecting content for obtaining usage rights, you can filter your content based on:

  • Search Criteria

  • Usage rights

  • Post Type

  • Content Type.

For instance: If you wish to request usage rights for an Instagram video identified from a hashtag, filter it using Search Criteria Hashtags ➡ select the hashtag/s Post type by Instagram: Feed, story, reel ➡ and Content Type: video.

In order to request usage rights, you have to contact the creator via Direct Messages on Instagram and TikTok.

Copy message & link ➡ Go to @Account name profile ➡ Shoot them a DM with the copied message

Once on their profile ➡ Click Message on top of their Instagram page ➡ Paste the message & link in the chat box.

Once your content is submitted, the video will initially display the status as Pending rights in your Inbox. Upon approval by the content creator, it will transition to Approved rights.

What happens when my content gets approved?

You can begin sending the content to your Videowise Library and create compelling shoppable videos that can be used on your website or across various platforms outside your Shopify store.

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